City Break Outfits: Pick a City, We’ll Choose Your Outfit

girl in cool city break outfit

We know before the stress of the airport that outfit stress is where it all starts! So, whether you’re flying out soon or you’re here for some laughs – the game is simple. You choose a city, and we’ll tell you what you should wear! From the chic streets of Berlin to the colourful alleys of Barcelona, we’ll help you curate the perfect wardrobe for every city break.

Berlin: Metropolitan Grunge

When it comes to Berlin, think edgy, unconventional, and effortlessly cool. Embrace the city’s renowned “Poor but Sexy” vibe, a term coined by former Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, capturing the gritty yet alluring atmosphere. Forget orange, in Berlin, black is the new black. But don’t be afraid to inject some brightness into your ensemble.

Our advice…

Opt for the undone look to exude urban chic. Layer a bomber jacket over wide-legged trousers for a carefree yet stylish appeal. Finish off your look with a pair of typical Dr. Martens or trainers. This style of look should have you hopping from rave to rave with each of your city break outfits.

Copenhagen: Layered for the Gods

In Copenhagen, fashion meets functionality and fun in the most elegant way possible. Clean lines, layered silhouettes, and pops of colour define the city’s fashionable landscape. So chuck on layers upon layers for a look that’s both practical and fashion-forward.

Our advice…

Pack an oversized blazer or a classic trench coat to combat the city’s unpredictable weather. Pair it with a colourful top and your favourite pair of blue straight-leg or boot-cut jeans. Opt for bulky knitwear with eye-catching patterns, this is a stable for any Copenhagen city break outfit. Whether you’re exploring the cobblestone streets or sipping coffee in a quaint cafe, you’ll look the part.

Barcelona: Versatile Vixen

Barcelona is a city where vibrant culture meets laid-back elegance. This calls for outfits that are as versatile as the destination itself. From sunny beach days to strolls through historic neighbourhoods, your city break outfits should effortlessly transition from one adventure to the next.

Our advice…

A lightweight, neutral dress is a must-have, paired with a denim jacket for those breezy evenings. A simple black or brown knee-high boot is essential, ensuring comfort without sacrificing style. As for the gents, channel effortless charm with an open-buttoned white shirt paired with tailored trousers. Top those city break outfits with a pair of sunglasses and you’re ready to go.


When in Rome, do as the Romans do. From metropolitan grunge to layered perfection and versatile elegance, let your city break outfits reflect the unique vibe of your destination. Who knows… you might even find yourself becoming a local.