Lisbon City Breaks: The Perfect Portuguese Itinerary

Lisbon yellow and white tram on road during daytime

There are many reasons to visit Lisbon. A city of hills adorned with ceramic tiles, awash with fantastic food and fantastic history. The Portuguese capital is a perfect place for a short break, and Lisbon city breaks are some of our favourites! When you visit, you must do it right… like a local! All Lisbon city breaks should be experienced like this.

Start your day with a bica + Eat breakfast in a Portuguese coffee shop

Each day begins with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the promise of beauty at every corner. Kickstart your Lisbon city break with a quintessential Portuguese shot of bica, the local espresso. Pair it with a croissant in a charming Portuguese coffee shop. You’ll be side-by-side with locals chatting away whilst the scent of pastries fills the air.

Visit Terreiro do Paço

blue sky in Lisbon at Terreiro do Paço

After fuelling up, head to Terreiro do Paço, the majestic square situated on the Tagus River. This square is a huge part of Lisbon’s history. Traverse the grand arcades, admiring the iconic triumphal arch and the statue of King José I. Did you know: this square was once destroyed by an earthquake, fire, and tsunami? It was then rebuilt and remains an integral part of Lisbon’s heritage.

Visit a ‘Feira da Ladra’ (Flea market)

Next on your itinerary is a visit to ‘Feira da Ladra,’ Lisbon’s famous flea market nestled in the historic district of Alfama. Enjoy a treasure trove of antiques, vintage finds, and unique souvenirs. The locals say if your things are ever stolen, give it a few days, they will turn up at this market ready to be sold back to you! Regardless, you’ll find some hidden gems and mementoes to cherish from your Lisbon escapade.

Bask in Jardim das Amoreiras

Leave the hustle and bustle of the city streets to the tranquillity of Jardim das Amoreiras. You’ll find Lisbon locals escaping the urban chaos for respite here. Take a stroll, find a shaded spot to relax with a book, or simply soak in the natural beauty of Lisbon’s lush greenery.

Visit Embaixada

A MUST-see location is Embaixada, a breathtakingly beautiful concept store housed in a 19th-century Arab-style palace. Peruse through a curated selection of Portuguese design, fashion, and artisanal crafts. Embaixada showcases the best Portuguese creativity and craftsmanship under one roof, from handmade jewellery to homeware.

See the sunset at Miradouro da Graça

As the day draws to a close, visit Miradouro da Graça. This is one of Lisbon’s best panoramic viewpoints. Here you can witness a mesmerising sunset over the city skyline. Red-tiled rooftops, historic monuments, and the glistening waters of the Tagus River can all be seen in one glance. Savour this magical moment, marking the end of a perfect day in the Portuguese capital.


With so much to offer, this guide only scratches the surface of Lisbon city breaks. From its gorgeous architecture and pristine parks, this curated itinerary will help you make the most of your Lisbon city break, creating memories to cherish forever.